Mariah Carey Wants ‘Humble’ Wedding 

Mariah Carey says she doesn’t want to have an extravagant wedding and hopes for something “beautiful but humble.” 

The E! News reports, the singer recently got engaged to billionaire James Packer after a whirlwind romance. It will be the third marriage for both of them, and as Carey insists, they want to keep the ceremony and celebrations simple.

Carey expressed her thoughts about the wedding, “We are not doing a big wedding because he did two big weddings, and it’s kind of like, ‘I’ve done a big wedding too. We would rather make it beautiful but humble.”

The 45-year-old singer was previously married to music executive Tommy Mottola and America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, the father of her four-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

And James has also been married twice before, to Jodhi Meares and Erica Baxter, the mother of his three children. 


Jennifer Lopez Apparently Texted Throughout Mariah Carey’s Billboard Performance

Their feud seemed to continue on Sunday night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards as Mariah Carey took to the stage to perform her singles Infinity and Vision of Love as Jennifer Lopez sat through the performance apparently texting.

Lopez addressed the feud last year during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, denying that there anything between them as she said: “I know from back in the day, I’ve read things that she’s said about me that were not the greatest, but we have never met. Like, we don’t know each other. I think it’s kind of from word of mouth of things that have happened in the past that I’m not really aware of. But I don’t know.”

The singer concluded: “I would love to meet her and I would love to be friends with her.”

However, Carey who has never been amicable when talking abut Lopez, ignored the subject completely in a famous clip on Youtube,according to Daily Mail.

When asked if rivalry existed between them and within the industry by Larry King, Carey replied: “There’s rivalry, but I don’t think she has anything to do with me. My whole thing is singing, writing songs, and I’ve been doing this my whole life. [Singing] is a God-given talent that I’m grateful for, her thing is somethin’ different.”

In 2012 Carey replaced Lopez as a judge on American Idol, only to last for one season after Lopez was asked back on the panel.

When Lopez performed on the talent show in 2013, it was remarked that Carey was the only judge not to give her a standing ovation.

Nick Cannon To Sue Mariah Carey’s Business Manager For Selling Their $9 Million Bel-Air Home


Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is reportedly suing Mariah Carey’s business manager Michael Kane who is believed to have sold the couple’s Bel-Air home without his consent.

According to legal documents obtained by E! News, the America’s Got Talent hot has filed a lawsuit against Kane after learning of the sale of the home. Cannon claims Kane did not inform him about the sale or the closing date until February 24.

Cannon states in his lawsuit that he had “no objection” to sell the house but claims his “initial efforts to obtain copies of the Purchase and Sale Agreement and other documents pertinent to the transaction were rebuffed by Kane.”

The document also allege Cannon “has yet to see the estimated settlement agreement nor has he been provided with any information about required closing costs and loan payoffs, and other planned disbursements from escrow.”

The 34 – year – old father of two is seeking a trust to be placed on the sale proceeds from the house until proper accounting for distribution. Cannon is also seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against Kane from obtaining, disbursing or using any of the funds from escrow of the house.

Cannon filed for divorce from Carey back in January after six years of marriage.

Jennifer Lopez: ‘I Want To Be Friends With Mariah Carey’

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez gave a candid interview to Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live when she was asked about her rumoured spat with Mariah Carey.

The hitmaker insisted: “I don’t have a feud against her at all.

“I know from back in the day, I’ve read things that she’s said about me that were not the greatest, but we have never met. Like, we don’t know each other.

“I think it’s kind of from word of mouth of things that have happened in the past that I’m not really aware of. But I don’t know.”

Jennifer revealed she would love to be BFFs with Mimi as she continued: “I would love to meet her and I would love to be friends with her.”

“I think she’s incredibly talented and I’ve always been a fan of hers. My All is one of my favourite songs of all time. I just love her. It saddens me to hear anything that’s negative because I’m a fan of hers.”

The singer also gave an insight on her feelings of celebrity derrieres when she was asked by a fan whether she thought if Beyoncé’s or Kim Kardashian West’s were a closer rival to her own posterior.

She said: “Are those the only choices? Not in a bad way! Just, you know — there’s so many booties!

“You know who I’m going to say has a great booty that I’ve seen in person? What’s her name? Jessica Biel! She has an amazing body. I remember seeing her and going, ‘God, she has a really nice, toned body. I need to go back to the gym!'”

Jennifer Lopez’s Return To American Idol Hampered By Mariah Carey’s Legal Threats?

Jennifer Lopez


Latest reports of Jennifer Lopez making a return to American Idol to replace current judge Mariah Carey have been slammed by the show’s spokesperson by branding them to be ‘ridiculous’.

It was thought that American Idol bosses wanted to replace Mariah halfway through the season with former judge Jennifer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, the plans elapsed when Mariah allegedly threatened legal action.

The claims were then quickly dismissed when a representative for the show told the site: “This is just another ridiculous Idol judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale.”

The dismissal of the claims that Jennifer would be making a comeback on the show since leaving last year, were later supported up by the show’s producer Nigel Lythgoe adding: “I have not been included in any conversation regarding replacing Mariah with Jen this season.”

Nicki Minaj Speaks About The AMA’s, Performing With Justin Bieber, Album & Collaborating Mariah Carey


Making her appearance on Good Morning America, Nicki Minaj spoke out about winning two awards at the American Music Awards, performing with Justin Bieber her latest album Roman Reloaded: The Re-up, her infamous feud with Mariah Carey and whether she would collaborate with the singer.

Attending the 2012 American Music Awards, Minaj received two awards for Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop and Favorite Album – Rap/Hip-Hop for her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

She said: “It was very surprising! Really all I could think about was that I had to do my performance, that’s why when I went up to collect my award I was a little bit like weirded out, but I had such a good time…it feels like such a family atmosphere.

“I feel like I’m more on edge at the VMAs, but with the AMAs there’s something about the way they do it, I don’t know if it’s that were in trailers, I don’t know what it is but it just feels way more comfortable and its super cool!”

She went on to talk about her performance with pop star Justin Bieber: “That was interesting! I was surprised when they asked me to perform with him. I was like, I can’t turn that down. I was like, it’ll be a good thing, I guess.

“We never really rehearsed it together. Everything was so quick. When I got up there with him, I was like okay, make sure everything works, get my cue and I walk out on time.”

The singer was also asked about the re-release of her album. The rapper talked about her excitement about releasing her new material: “The new songs are more gigantic to me. It feels like a new album to me. I’m really excited about the album!”

When asked about her new job, being a judge on American Idol, the Young Money star said: “I wouldn’t consider myself a tough judge; I would consider myself an honest judge. I’ve said before, I want them to leave with like the truth because I feel like the truth has always fuelled me to get better. We represent the viewers at home.”

She was then asked about her past feud with her fellow judge Mariah Carey and if she would do a collaboration. She replied: “I was kidding. I mean, no, she’s been one of my favourite artists of all time since I can remember, so it’s weird that everything kind of was blown up by that.

“She knows how much I adore her. I’m an adult and were passionate on the set and sometimes when you’re a passionate woman it ruffles another woman’s feathers but I’m gonna continue to be Nicki Minaj!”

Nicki Minaj ‘Scared’ About Her Image On American Idol


Since being confirmed that she will be a judge on American Idol, Nicki Minaj has had her fair shares of drama with fellow judge Mariah Carey, and it seems that the rapper is scared how her fans will judge her when the show airs early next year.

The singer who will make her debut as a judge on the 12th season of the singing competition in January next year, told the show’s host Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that she is worried how she will come across:”I’m scared. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so like… It’s hard for me to not say how I really feel.”

”Everyone else is so nice. I was just thinking back about some things and I was like, ‘I wonder if that was not so nice.’ I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch it. I’m going to be so nervous. But I know people are going to love it. I think it’s a great dynamic.”

But despite her worries, the Young Money star says she prefers to be honest when to comes to giving advice and being critical to the contestants on their performances.

”As an artist I’ve always grown more from the tougher criticism and so I would like to be that person and to try to help people get that thick skin and to really give it their all, because it is a competition.”

Moving on, the Super Bass hit maker opened up about her infamous feud with Mariah, saying that regardless of not getting on, they had ‘great chemistry’. She said: ”The chemistry of the judges, I feel it while I’m there. I think it’s really different from anything we’ve seen before on Idol and people are going to like it.”

Nicki went on to hint that they may be getting on better now and could even perform on stage together: ”If she’ll have me, I’ll be there waiting.”

Nicki Minaj Talks About Barbara Walters Wading In Mariah Carey Feud

In a three-part reality TV series from E! Entertainment, entitled My Truth Nicki Minaj expresses her feelings on her feud with Mariah Carey, saying that 42 – year old was favourited in the media as she received backlash after it was reported.

As many may recall, Barbara Walters decided that she would contact the Hero singer to find out her side of the story which she publicised to the media saying that Mariah had decided to increase her security up for her own protection and called Nicki ‘unpredictable’.

The journalist veteran didn’t contact Minaj to understand her side of the story, which upset the rapper.

Now that Minaj is telling her side of the story, in a conversation with Mack Maine she explains how the feud started, revealing that the cameras hadn’t picked up the first 20 minutes prior to the argument that wasn’t caught on tape. She also reveals that Carey wasn’t pleased when she was informed that another female artist would be joining the judging panel: “20 minutes before that happened, she egged me on and I walked off — I stormed off the stage because didn’t wanna do that, so I left and when I came back it was another jab…

“She’s admitted that she did not want another female doing the show, thinking somebody’s coming to steal her shine. And nitpicking, nitpicking, nitpicking — I don’t do well with that passive aggress sh–. I’m not gonna allow it no more. I can’t. I work and keep it moving, I don’t even f— with the people in this business.”

The subject was then closed up, only for it to be brought up again when the topic was raised once again. During a private flight, the Young Money star went on to reveal her reaction when she learned Walters had decided to get involved and only get Carey’s version of the story: “I really felt good when I left yesterday and then I hear that Mariah went to Barbara Walters with some more fabrication that even the producers told her was never said.

“Telling Barbara I said something about a gun, which everybody knows that I’m way smarter than that. Literally my jaw was just hanging open and I was in shock. I’ve never in my life said anything regarding a gun.”

Minaj concluded, accusing of Barbara of treating her unfairly because she’s a rapper, saying: “Am I not good enough for you to get my side, because I’m a little black girl that raps?” she said, addressing Walters directly. “Because if I was J. Lo, you would’ve called J. Lo’s camp. But are we not good enough for you Barbara?

“‘Cause you wasn’t even there when I was on the show Barbara. So I guess I’m not good enough but I’m only good enough for you to tell people I’m ‘unpredictable,’ when you don’t f—–g know me?”

Despite the feud, Minaj has said that she still maintains respect for Carey: “Why would I wanna have a rift with someone I’ve looked up to my by DownloadNSave” href=””>whole life? I’ve loved her and even told her that in the meeting. Actually I’m happy that Mariah’s on the panel because I think that’s a great thing.

“You’ve got one of the best singers than ever sang ever in the world. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, but the fact that you had a problem with me being on there and that’s why there’s an issue.”

Walters found out that Minaj had angrily tweeted when she found out that Walters had only spoken to Carey to know her story of the feud.

On The View, Walters addressed the tweets, explaining: “Nicki has said, ‘Well, why didn’t we reach out to her? It was one-sided.’ We did.”

Claiming that she had Carey’s home phone number, she added: “Even on the air, at that moment. I didn’t have her by DownloadNSave” href=””>home phone number. We said, ‘Please call us!'”

Queen Latifah Advises Nicki Minaj To ‘Respect Her Elders’

Queen Latifah has weighed in her opinion on the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey feud, giving the two American Idol judges some advice.

The actress, who made an appearance on Anderson Live, said she wouldn’t be taking any sides: “I would definitely not take sides in ignorance That’s really not about them because at the end of the day they are both really blessed to be in that position.

“And it’s about giving a leg up to the new people that want to be a new Nicki or Mariah.”

The Hollywood star went on to give some advice to Nicki, saying: “Well, Mariah Carey, you talking about $100 million right there.

“You got to respect your elders to a point, you know what I’m saying. That’s a grand diva, but I love Nicki too.”

And just as the 42 – year – old may be right, that Nicki should respect her elders, it seems that Mariah is making the situation worse; calling in to The View and telling Barbra Walters that the rapper has threatened to shoot her and hire more securities hasn’t helped the feud any better.

What do you think? Do you agree with Queen Latifah?

Nicki Minaj: ‘Insecure Carey Is Stirring Up Controversy For Sympathy’


Nicki Minaj has hit back at her co-judge on American idol Mariah Carey who spoke out her fears about her ‘safety’ after she was involved in a vicious argument with the rapper earlier this week on Tuesday.

The two new judges were filming an audition in Charlotte, North Carolina when they were caught up in a bitter argument over a contestant, in which apparently Minaj unleashed a furious rant at Carey.

Footage of the argument has been leaked online, and reports have suggested that the rapper continued her rant as she walked off the set and allegedly angered, saying: “If I had a gun I would shoot her (Carey).”

American Idols’ executive producer Nigel Lythgoe was quick to brush off the death threat story saying: “The fact is, there will be such a very good American Idol that there will be differences of opinions. And that is part of it.”

But Carey went on to fuel the fire more of the argument, by sharing her side of the story in a phone call with broadcaster Barbara Walters on Thursday.

Walters admitted that the Hero singer was beefing up her security for her own protection because ‘Nicki is unpredictable’.

Minaj fired back at the singer has launched a pathetic PR stunt to gain public sympathy.

The rapper used her Twitter page to address the matter, to her fans who she affectionately calls ‘barbz’, insisting she didn’t threaten Carey.

In a series of tweets she wrote: “Hey yAll. Lets (sic) just say nicki said smthn (something) about a gun. ppl (people) will believe it cuz (sic) she’s a black rapper… I’ll then hit up Barbara n (and) milk it… Ironically no camera or mic heard the gun comment tho (though)… Not even the producers believed u. Say no to violence barbz…”

Minaj went on to accuse Carey of stirring up the argument after she became jealous of her popularity amongst the producers: “I don’t call (gossip website) tmz n Barbara Walters cuz I stand on my own two feet.

“Never needed an army. God is good. Insecurity is as cruel as the grave. I guess it hurts 2 have the producers tell u to ur face that nicki is the best judge we’ve had since simon (Cowell, former judge). Awww, poor u. Keep them lies cmn (coming)”.

She concluded that she was upset that Carey had to air her feelings in public after they cleared the air: “Tried to keep quiet but let’s go!!!! I thought we resolved it yesterday but I see u want ur pity party to continue… All I do is compliment u. That’s not enuff (enough)? Ur a legend, cheer up. U don’t have to run down ur resume or feel intimidated (sic).”

Do you think Carey stirred up controversy for the sake of some sympathy?

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