Justin Bieber Has Run-In With Police Over £60K Car

Justin Bieber was caught being told off by a police officer just over the weekend. The 18 – year – old found himself to be in trouble over his new customised Fisker Karma electronic car, which he had parked outside a row of shops in Beverley Hills on Sunday.

The singer was pictured to be engaged in a friendly conversation with the police officer who requested that he should move his £60, 000 car to more a suitable parking place.

The Baby hit maker seemed to have wheeled himself out of the situation for now but it’s not the first time the singer has found himself to be in trouble with the law over his vehicles.

Last December Justin was pulled over by a police officer in LA after making a ‘illegal manoeuvre’ in his customised cadillic after it was reported that he had allegedly “performed an unsafe left turn” at a junction.

Before December last year, in August Justin was caught in a car crash in his black Ferrari after it had collided with a Honda Civic.

Justin Bieber Involved In A Car Crash

Pop singer Justin Bieber was involved in a car crash, where he was behind the wheel along with another passenger who is believed to be known as his assistant. According to the police, the Ferrari collided into another car in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

A statement from the police department was released and cleared up assumptions of the accident: “No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle”.

More news about circumstance appeared after HollywoodLife.com spoke to LAPD: “Today at 12pm on the 10,900 block of Bluffside Drive in Studio City the collision occurred in an underground parking structure. Justin Bieber was driving a black Ferrari when a Honda Civic collided with his car. There were no injuries or damage to either car.”

The LAPD also released a statement which read: “Valley Traffic Officer’s were called to a collision that occurred when a Honda Civic collided with Justin Bieber’s black Ferrari. No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle. Paparazzi was at scene.”

The LAPD were second to arrive after papparazi’s got to the scene and snapped a few pictures of the Baby singer sat in the damaged black car.

The singer was found unhurt. Although the police were called onto the scene of the accident, not enough visible damage was caused for a report to be taken.

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