LaTavia Roberson Addresses Feud With Mathew Knowles


Former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson has spoken out on her relationship with ex – band manager, Mathew Knowles and her brief time as one fourth of the successful girl band.

Mathew Knowles who has once been labelled Joe Jackson because of his strict mentality fired Roberson along with another member of the group Latoya Luckett.

When asked if she was surprised to find out Beyoncé had sacked her father as her manager, the singer replied: “No. I don’t even know what else to say. I hate that… when I got wind that that had happened I felt sad… for my friend.”

In a recent interview Roberson claimed that if it hadn’t been for Knowles, the girl band would still be together. She revealed that she and Latoya received different treatment to how Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland would be regarded.

She explained: “I definitely believe he was a strong influence, as far as how Kelly and Beyonce felt. Especially at that time, we were supposed to be able to sit down and speak about…at least that’s what myself and Letoya were told, and before we knew it we were watching the ‘Say My Name’ video.’”

Roberson was sacked as a member from the group along with Luckett in 2000. It came apparent the two singers were no longer part of the group when the girl band’s third single was released and were replaced with Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams on the track.

Roberson and Luckett filed a lawsuit against Mathew, Beyoncé and Kelly claiming unfair dismissal, stating they did not know they had been replaced with new members until they saw the ‘Say My Name’ video.

After the lawsuit was filed, it was settled in court as Roberson and Luckett received royalties for their contributions as to being establishing members of the group along with writing credits from material released from their first album The Writings On The Wall.

“I definitely still receive royalties from the group, I was a writer on both of the album’s and I have Grammy’s from ‘Say My Name’, so yes I do still receive money from that because I was a writer”, Roberson clarified.

Beyoncé’s Names Her Top Ten Favourite Singles Of 2011

Beyoncé’s speculated to give birth any time soon to her first child but the pregnant singer took some time to list her top 10 favourite singles of 2011 in a post on her official website. Some of the artists include her husband Jay – Z, Kanye West and best friend Kelly Rowland. The rest are a surprise that Beyoncé has picked, check it out to find out which artist made it on Beyoncé’s list.

Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – “Dance (A$$)”
Future – “Tony Montana”
Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Ni**as in Paris”
Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne – “Motivation”
Adele – “Someone Like You”
Drake feat. Lil Wayne – “The Motto”
Rihanna – “Man Down”
Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne – “Look at Me Now”
James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream”
Frank Ocean – “Novacane”

Little Mix Make History As They Win X Factor 2011

Little Mix have made history as they were crowned winners of X Factor 2011 being the first band to win the talent show. The girlband were stunned, screaming with excitement, shock and bursting into tears as they were told by host Dermot O’Leary.

Members Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix beat their rivalry act Marcus Collins after performing a series of tracks on the final show.

Finding it hard to control their delight of winning the ITV1 talent show, Leigh – Anne told Dermot in in amazement: “Oh my gosh, wow!”

Jesy added: “This is never going to sink in. We can never thank the public enough for voting for us.”

Jade said: “I’m so grateful. Thank you for everybody who voted.”

As Perrie said: “Oh my gosh, that’s insane.”

The girlband have released their debut single which is a cover of Damien Rice’s Cannonball as their winner’s single, hoping to hit the number one spot on the charts with the track.

Marcus and Little Mix commenced the talent show with a performance of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’s We Found Love. They were then joined by the contestants that had gotten through the talent show but booted out throughout the competition.

The remaining acts sing We Found Love commencing the show

The Risk, Nu Vibe, Two Shoes, Misha B, Sophie Habibis, Janet Devlin and Goldie Cheung then joined the final remaining acts singing a  mix- up of Swear, Shuffling and Jennifer Lopez’s On The Floor.

Sami Brookes and Johnny Robinson then followed with Moves Like Jagger, then joined by Craig Colton as Kitty Brucknell stood on the judges tables as she sang Lady Gaga’s The Edge Of Glory with Amelia Lily who closely missed out on a place in the final.

Frankie Cocozza was however not seen to be performing on stage alongside them after he admitted to taking cocaine during his time on the show.

Marcus gave his first solo performance dressed in a bright pink shirt, jacket and matching bright shoes with an entertaining lively version of his favourite track of the series, Jackie Wilson’s (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher as he was  joined with a full gospel choir.

Marcus takes to the stage to sing his first song Higher and Higher

Louis was the first to comment on his performance saying: “You’re a born little pop star.”

Tulisa added: “That was definitely your best song of the series. You looked like a little star up there.”

Kelly said: “First of all, you lifted this crowd this evening higher and higher. And I hope you have enjoyed every minute of the time you were here and I hope you know how bright and big your future is. I’m so in love with you and I’m so happy you got this far.”

Whilst Marcus’s mentor Gary Barlow told him: “Once again well done and congrats on another amazing performance. In the history of The X Factor I can’t remember a finalist or a winner who takes hold of the stage like you do and shines even amongst 40 people.”

Marcus sings with an acompanied by a full gospel choir

Marcus expressed why he chose to sing the particular track as he said: “Performing higher and higher was a real moment for me on the show, it was one of my favourite performances on the whole series. It’s such an important song to me, it gives me such a boost every time I hear it.”

Little Mix then gave their first performance of the show, choosing to cover Don’t Let Go. The judges were on hand to give their judgment on the performance with Louis saying: “I’m going to predict Tulisa that this time next year, this is going to be the biggest girl group in the UK by a mile. Girls, amazing, but you need the votes!”


Little Mix chose to perform Don’t Let G

Kelly was seen to be overwhelmed with tears as she said: “I’m sorry I’m crying but I’m just so happy for y’all because I remember where you started. I love you guys, congratulations.’

As Gary added: “I’m so happy tonight that you came back with that song, great performance, well done.”

Mentor Tulisa thanked those who voted to keep them in the competition and complimented them on their performance saying: “Girls, amazing. I want to thank everyone at home who picked up the phone and kept you in each week. You picked up the phone because you wanted them to win so those votes meant nothing unless you pick up the phone right now. Vote for Little Mix!”

Speaking of why they had chosen to sing that specific track in the final, Leigh-Anne said: “When we performed that for the first time, we felt like we came together as a group.”

The girls looked speechless at the comments from the judges

Jesy added: “It was so fun but it still felt powerful at the same time. We are so excited to be given the chance to sing this song again.”

And Leigh-Anne said: “To do it in front of thousands of people at Wembley, the adrenaline is going to make us sing it even better.”

After each act gave their first performance, they got ready to give their second choosing to perform a choice of a Christmas festive classic.

Marcus sang a cover of Wham!’s single Last Christmas encouraging the audience to sing along with him.

Subsequently afterwards Louis said: “Every week you bring something new and you are always happy, you’re always smiling and you’re always grateful – you’re work ethic is amazing.”

Tulisa added: “This has been such a long journey for the contestants, for the judges. I think we’ve been so caught up in it that we forgot It’s Christmas! But you reminded us.”

Kelly said: “What a great early Christmas gift, ho ho ho. Marcus, I just love you and I’m so happy for you once again. Congratulations.”

And mentor Gary concluded: “I’m going to do something I haven’t done all series and I’m going to ask the whole nation to vote for you tonight. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you, it has made the series for me.”

Little Mix take to the stage to sing Christmas festive track Silent Night

Personalised jumpers of their band name imprinted


All judges gave their last comments to the girlband with Louis saying: “Girls, after that performance, we know we’ve got something special. We have four lead singers in a girl band and that hasn’t happened for a long time before. It’s almost like you were meant to be together – it just works. Little Mix, big future!”

Kelly said: “You girls sounded so great on that record. Merry fricking Christmas. And I love your sweaters.”

Gary gave a humble response saying: “Simple, beautiful, emotional and very Christmassy.”

Whilst proud mentor Tulisa said: “Girls, I have pretty much said all I can say but I just want to say again how proud of you I am from the bottom of my heart. You have done so well and who says that a girl group can’t win the X Factor – I believe you can do it.”

First guest performance Westlife gave their last performance on the show as they announced earlier this year they would be splitting up with a followed – up farewell tour singing What About Now.

It was then time for both acts to sing the winner’s single, Cannonball.

Marcus sang the track first and received his last comments from the judges with Louis saying: “Another powerful vocal performance. If I was looking for the perfect pop star I would get you. All you need now is votes.”

Tulisa said: “You really do have everything – the voice, the star quality, the personality and one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.”

Kelly said: “That was such a beautiful, emotional performance tonight and I can tell how bad you want this and I want this for you.”

And Gary said: “Congratulations, what a performance that was. I would never have picked that song for you but you sing it so beautifully.”

Marcus was then shown messages from his family, friends and singer Robbie Williams who said: “Marcus, you are amazing and you are going to be an awesome artist.”

Whilst his mother Tracy said how proud she was of him getting far in the talent show: “I just wanted to say how very proud of you I am. Who would have believed you would be standing here in the final. You’re my little boy and I do hope that that little boy goes on to become a really big star because you deserve it.”

Little Mix then took their turn to sing the track with approaching with more of an acoustic style keeping it sophisticated.

After singing the record, the girls fought to keep hold of their emotions as Louis said: “Well girls, we’re all getting emotional is because four little pop princesses have been born. We need some girl power, you deserve the votes.”

The girls tried to control their emotions after hearing the comments

Kelly followed Louis saying: “Ladies, congratulations. Thinking about how far you have come, look at how dynamic you are collectively.”

Gary said: “Well done, you twisted this song and made into a Little Mix song which is hard to do.”

Lastly Tulisa gave each band member of the group an individual message: “Jade, you are the most adorable person I have ever known, Jesy, you are inspiring, Leigh-Anne, you remind me of myself years ago and Perrie, you were born a star.”

The girls were then shown messages from family, friends and celebrities including Holly Willoughby and Jessie J.

Little Mix single Cannonball is out now


Little Mix With Mentor Tulisa After being announced winners of X Factor 2011

Before the X Factor winner was announced second guest performers were Coldplay singing two of their single Charlie Brown and Paradise.





Simon Cowell Hints Little Mix To Win X Factor 2011?

Little Mix have been voted into the finals and are one of the remaining acts in the X Factor UK finale after Amelia Lily was axed finishing in third place. With a possible chance to win the rivalry against Marcus Collins, the girlband could end up signing a record contract by music mogul Simon Cowell even if they don’t succeed winning the contest.

Simon Cowell tuned in to the first part of the finale last night via satellite in Los Angeles and has vowed the girlband can be bigger than the Spice Girls who were formed in 1996 with their debut single Wannabe which shot to number one on the charts in 30 countries.

The girlband sang Florence And The Machine’s You’ve Got The Love for their first song and later performed alongside their mentor Tulisa in a mix – up of Alicia Keys’ Empire State Of Mind and If I Ain’t Got You.

A source close to the music mogul spoke to newspaper The Sun saying he’s eager to see Little Mix win the competition: “Simon is thrilled by the quality of this year’s finalists – but he’s extra excited about Little Mix. He genuinely believes they could be bigger than the Spice Girls.

“He’s had huge successes in his career but a massive girl band has not really been one of them.”

The source added: “The Spice Girls set the bar high but Simon thinks there’s no reason Little Mix can’t better them.

“They are young and they work phenomenally hard, so the sky’s the limit. There hasn’t been such love for a girl band in years.”

The source was accurate enough when Simon called in to Xtra Factor via Skype telling hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack: “Little Mix are a revelation and if a girl group were to win the show, it makes history.”

He added: “If I had to pick someone – no question of a doubt, Little Mix won the night.”

He then posted on Twitter: “Thought @TheXFactor UK looked amazing. I think a group may win for the first time ever … and I think @officialtulisa should be a permanent 5th member!”

Spice Girls burst onto the music scene with their single Wannabe in 1996 which reached number 1 in 30 countries

One member of the Spice Girls said she was backing them up all the way, Emma Bunton who was known as Baby Spice thinks they could be the next big girlband: “I really, really hope they win. I think they’re brilliant to watch and I think they could be really big.

“They work well together and they’ve got a great connection. I can see they are having fun and that’s what it was like for the Spice Girls. I can see they’ve got that edge too.”

Do you think Little Mix will win X Factor 2011? Drop your comments below!

The X Factor final will commence today at 7.30pm on ITV1.

X Factor Judges To Perform With Their Acts

It’s the most surprising news X Factor has given to their viewers and fans of the last three remaining acts as judges Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa will all duet with their acts.

The news followed after the show failed to secure artists that have risen to the top in the music industry to sing alongside the remaining contestants left.

Judges Kelly, Gary and Tulisa will take to the Wembley Arena stage to perform with the finalists.

A show source said after Louis Walsh became the first judge to lose all his acts the other three judges would be able to fill this role in as they are all  present singers today: “Once Louis Walsh’s acts were eliminated it became clear the three judges with acts left were all current singers.

A source told The Sun: “It’s going to be more pressured than ever. The acts will be singing in front of 10,000 people – and with their mentors. The judges will be nervous as well because the song could be the difference between winning and losing.”

And if the pressure of getting their act to win the competition was just about enough, judges will also feel they will be considered to audition to have their job for next year’s series as music mogul and X Factor boss Simon Cowell will be watching from LA: “And on top of that, Simon Cowell will be watching from LA. So the judges are almost auditioning for their places on next year’s show as well.”

According to The Sun, Coldplay agreed to duet with one of the finalists but declined at the last minute to unknown reasons.

Singer Adele was also to sing with one of the acts but due to recovering from surgery on her throat, she was forced to pull out.

So with all three judges stepping in to help their acts, Kelly and Amelia Lily will sing River Deep, Mountain High, whilst Tulisa will duet with Little Mix singing a mix – up of Alicia Keys’ If I Aint Got You and Empire State Of Mind. Marcus Collins and Gary Barlow have confirmed to perform More Than A Woman by Billy Joel.

At an X Factor conference Tulisa said she wants Little Mix to become the first girlband to win and change X Factor’s history: “Group has never won this competition, especially not a girl group even getting this far in the competition.”

She added: “I’m the youngest judge, it’s my first year and I want to change X Factor history with these little muffins behind me.”

Host Dermot O’Leary was asked who his favourite contestant was and if he wanted a specific act to win, he replied saying: “It’s my first year when we’re going into the final and we don’t really know who the favourite is.”

Close to the final within just a few days, each act tweeted at their excitement to sing alongside with their mentors.

Little Mix tweeted they were grateful to work with N-dubz star Tulisa: “We owe everything to @officialtulisa we’ve become so close and cannot think of a better person to perform with in the final #XFactorDuet xxx”

Excited for their final they added to tell their fans they arrived at Wembley Arena to start rehearsing: “Rehearsing in Wembley Arena! Can’t believe were here 🙂 so who would be your perfect #XFactorDuet ?xxx”

Marcus Collins also posted a tweet to say, how ‘priviliaged’ he felt to duet with Gary Barlows: ‘I feel so privileged to be doing a duet with @GBarlowOfficial on the weekend. He has been such an inspiring mentor. So excited! #XFactorDuet’

Amelia Lily wrote her delight saying: “OMG!! words cannot describe how excited I am about dueting with @KELLYROWLAND !! Dream come true #XFactorDuet xxxx”

Artists that will sing on the night will include One Direction, Leona Lewis and JLS. The X Factor final will commence on Saturday night at 8pm on ITV1.

Misha B Opens Up About X Factor Experience

From the moment she was spotted at the X Factor auditions, it was known that she would stand out from the rest of the contestants in the show. Coming as far as the semi-finals, Misha B was booted out as she failed to get more votes for her to secure a place to next week’s Final.

She also told the presenters that she felt ‘blessed’ for the opportunity and experience she gained and coming so far in the competition saying: “From the beginning I set myself to expect the unexpected. It’s just a blessing me having come this far – it’s just incredible.”

But it was through the weeks that the audience saw Misha in a different light as she was branded a ‘bully’ by judges Tulisa and Louis Walsh who made similar accusations. But the X Factor singer was insistent that she had forgiven them as she appeared on Daybreak.

Christina Bleakley and Adrian Chiles interviewed the 19 –year –old and asked if she had forgiven Tulisa for her comments to which she replied: “Forgiving is the thing that I have done. I believe that in situations that occur in life, you shouldn’t get bitter you should just get better.

“Because there’s a saying that to forgive is to set a prisoner free, and I realised that prisoner was me. And instead of getting bitter about a situation – because it’s only making you not feel good inside.

“And for that situation I’m so grateful because it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life – for me to look at the situation and grow and learn from it. I’m just so grateful.”

When asked if she had felt angered at Gary telling her she may not win the competition after she was accused of bullying fellow contestants on live TV, she said: “I’ve got the utmost respect for Gary – I think he’s amazing. I understand what he was saying.”

Now with three acts left in the competition, Misha said she was eager for girlband Little Mix to win: “There’s no girl group out there like them, and there’s a gap in the market for Litte Mix. I think all three – four members in case she had forgotten – of them have a place in the industry right now but the ones stand out for me right now is Little Mix.”

Losing out to fellow contestant Ameila Lily, Misha gave one last performance, looking calm and started it with a heart –felt written rap by herself and then belting out Jessie J’s track Who You Are.

Judge Tulisa was seen to be crying as she sang on stage whilst mentor Kelly Rowland had looked saddened to lose another act.

Now that the Mancunian singer is out of the competition, Misha is set to get ready for the X Factor tour next year as well as a surprising collaboration with Missy Elliott whom she was supposed to sing alongside with on the show’s final if she were to make it.

Lady Gaga Performs On X Factor With An Attached Headless Body

She’s known for her outrageous and crazy outfits and it was no different when Lady Gaga appeared on the X Factor with a headless body attached to her dress.

The singer sang her latest single Marry The Night, starting her performance in a confessional box seemingly singing to a priest, then stepping out showing a headless female body with her dancers.

she revealed she had finished designing the stage for her upcoming tour which is to happen next year: “I just finished designing the stage and it’s bigger and better than ever.”

The singer showed her excitement as she tweeted: ‘So excited to perform Marry The Night on X Factor UK tonight! Will sing my head off for England!!
“Almost time X-FACTOR! Also get ready monsters cuz #MarryTheNight officially impacts radio next week! Thanku to stations that added it early!”

After her performance, the 25-year-old comforted contestant Kittty Brucknell after she was given the boot.

Lady Gaga gave Kitty a shoulder to carry on as they both shared a glass of wine in in Simon Cowell’s former dressing room.

ITV Beg Simon Cowell To Come Back As X Factor Ratings Fall

ITV bosses have called Simon Cowell to save X Factor as the show’s rating haven fallen dramatically whilst their rival show Strictly Come Dancing have risen after they gained more viewers in four years.

A poll taken by newspaper The Sun questioned the public whether the show should be axed after this year’s series.

55 per cent of X Factor viewers agreed with the show to be axed whilst 22 per cent said they would watch the show if music mogul Simon Cowell was to come back.

A source told The Sun what the viewers wanted as they said: “The basic fact is that viewers miss Simon Cowell.

“The whole atmosphere that builds up on the show to the judges’ verdicts on the acts is gone.”

The insider included that Simon couldn’t save the show as his commitments lie with the US  version of X Factor: “Unfortunately no matter how much he would like to, he can’t be in two places at once and he is committed to the American show at the moment.

“But bosses are desperate for him to be involved somehow, even if it means a video-link from Los Angeles. There have been midnight calls to him to try and persuade him.

Many viewers thought the judging panel was the worst aspect of the show as well as the contestants in the competition.

And with no Kelly Rowland on the judging panel, it left show bosses in a panic having to call in former contestant and winner of X Factor Alexandra Burke to take her place.

Many celebrities criticised the former Destiny Child singer’s rasping voice on twitter when she called in live into the show from LA.

Presenter Holly Willoughby wrote: “She was like the dude from inspector gadget!”

Whilst chat show host Jonathan Ross tweeted: “Kelly Rowland is delivering the least believable sick voice I have ever heard. She’s clearly not ill.”

Alexandra Burke Steps In For Kelly Rowland On The X Factor Judging Panel

Alexandra arrives at X Factor studios to take place on the judging panel

Former and winner contestant of X Factor Alexandra Burke will replace Kelly Rowland on the judging panel for tonight’s live show.  It had been thought that singer Nicole Scherzinger who has previously judged on the show may have stepped in.

As Kelly claims that she is too ill with a throat infection to be on the show, ITV have confirmed Alexandra will be taking her place: “It is true that Alexandra is replacing Kelly tonight, but we have no further information at present.”

Kelly explained her condition as doctors have described it to be rare, talking to British newspaper The Sun she said: “I’m so sick – I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I have the worst sore throat.

“I’ve been in tears all week. It got so bad that I stopped eating and drinking and got so dehydrated the doctor put me on a drip.

“Even now I can’t swallow anything – not even my own saliva. The doctors don’t even really know what’s wrong, either. They say whatever I have is extremely rare.”

Kelly who flew to Los Angeles earlier this week continued explaining her illness saying:  “I was on the plane and I got this weird scratchy feeling in my throat. As the flight went on it got worse and worse. I was drinking orange juice and taking vitamins but, by the time I landed, I couldn’t swallow.

“The doctor said that whatever I had was extremely rare. The infection is really low down in my throat. I’ve been on a drip, had injections of antibiotics and been drinking water non-stop. I even had a cortisone (steroid) shot.”

Kelly seen to be arriving in LA this week

She went on further to defend why she had suddenly gone ‘AWOL’ as some claim she has abandoned her girls, Misha B, Janet Devlin and Sophie Habibas: “I had some very important personal meetings I’d had in the diary for a year.

“But I’ve been so sick I even had to postpone them. Since I got off the plane I’ve been laid out.”

Whilst an on-going feud between fellow judges Tulisa and Kelly has continued after their fallout took place on last week’s show, when Tulisa had thought of contestant Misha B being a bully to her own contenders in same category as her.

When asked if she had forgiven Tulisa for her remarks against Misha B she said: “I still disagree with Tulisa, but in the heat of the moment the passion gets to us and we are all extremely passionate about what we do as mentors.

“Misha will continue to shine and she will learn from this experience and use it to master herself as an artist as we all learn to do.”

Earlier tonight, Kelly tweeted being upset for not being there for her girls: “SO UPSET I can’t be there with my girls! :(“

A spokesman for Kelly stated: “She’s really sick.

“Her doctor is not permitting her to fly. She won’t be here for tonight’s show. She has a viral throat infection. She is really, really sick.

“She has not gone AWOL. She will be back. She’s been in contact with the girls. She’s been on intravenous drips. Her doctor will not permit her to fly. She tried to get on a flight today but her doctor wasn’t letting her.”

Kelly Rowland Defends Chris Brown Over His Past

In an interview with Choice FM Kelly Rowland openly expressed her thoughts over R&B singer Chris Brown. After beating up his then – girlfriend singer Rihanna in 2009, Chris underwent through a lot of hatred for his actions.

The X Factor judge defended him saying that people should forget and forgive him for his past and move forward with the future: “I think he should be given a second chance. I love my Chrissy boo. He’s a really sweet young man. Everyone should just chill out.”

Earlier this year, Kelly joined Chris on his F.A.M.E tour as a supporting act but best friend Beyoncé and Rihanna’s friend Jay-Z were against Kelly when she agreed to support him.


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