Jay Z Sued For More Than $18 Million For His Own Fragance


According to New York Daily News, Jay Z is reportedly being sued more than $18 million after Parlex Fragances, the company who created his scent Gold Jay Z, filed a lawsuit against him. The company filed the lawsuit against the rapper turned business mogul on Tuesday in the Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming the 46 – year – old failed to promote his own signature fragrance. 

The New York Daily News, also reported the musician – whose real is Shawn Carter – was expected to make at least six promotional appearances including an appearance on Good Morning America, an in – store appearance at Macy’s and an exclusive interview with Women’s Wear Daily. 

According to court documents, snow the fragance’s release in October 2013, Jay Z had made no appearances as such. The papers also revealed while he did not show much interest promoting the fragrance, he liked the design of the elegant designed bottle.  The company also pointed out, he also failed to do any social media posts about the product. 

In the documents, Parlux Fragrances lawyer, Anthony Viola, stated the company worked with Jacob the Jeweler to create five prototype bottles which all had solid gold caps and on the exterior, costing a staggering $20,000 each. 

He said: “Mr. Carter rejected all of them and kept the prototype.”

The documents also claim, Jay Z also kept his guaranteed $2 million up – front royalty fee.

Parlex Fragance have revealed the perfume received great success at first but have alleged, Jay Z’s lack of support saw the interest in the product drop.

The company has also accused the rapper of not developing a follow up scent to keep fans interested. They are demanding the court make Jay Z pay back the $2 million up front royalty and give back the $300,000 shares, void their contract and at least $18 million in damages. 

Jay Z Disses His Competitors With A Freestyle During Tidal Concert

Jay Z threw the first of two B-sides concerts at Terminal 5 in New York City, exclusively attended by Tidal subscribers. Hov performed rare tracks from his extended catalogue, paying tribute to Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray.

During the show, Jay Z did an impromptu freestyle throwing jabs at YouTube, Spotify, and Apple; his new streaming competitors. In his freestyle Hov mentioned how in his effort to bring Tidal to an accomplishment, passing on offers from both Pharrell and Jimmy Lovine.

Throughout the concert, the rapper brought out several special guests including Jay Electronica, Young Jeezy, Memphis Bleek, and Beanie Sigel. He went on to pay tribute to the late B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix.

Here’s the full lyrics to the freestyle via MTV:

“I don’t need no middlemen to talk to my n—-s / I understand if you don’t understand I figure my n—-a / That’s where we differ / I take what’s mine you accept what they give you / I get you/  I don’t take no checks / I take my respect / Pharrell even told me “Go with the best bet” / Jimmy Iovine offered the safety net / Google came around with a crazy check / I feel like YouTube is the culp-a-rit /. N—-s pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get / You know n—a die for equal pay, right? You know what i’m worth / I ain’t your slave right / You know i aint shucking and jivin’ and high fivin’ / You know this ain’t back in the days right / But i can’t tell by the way they kill Freddie Gray right / Shot down / Mike Brown / Like the way they did Tray right? / Y’all gone’ keep choking’ n—-s / we gon’ turn style / I ain’t your token n—a / You know i came in this game independent right / Tidal / My own label / same difference / Oh n—-s is skeptical of they own shit / You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich / Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks / Spotify’s nine billion and they ain’t say shit / ‘Lucyyy you got some splainin’ to do’ / The only one they hatin’ on look the same as you / That’s cool / I know they tryin’ to bamboozle you / Spending billions on meryin’ to confusin you / I had to tell myself “Hov, get used to it” / It’s politics as usual.”

Watch Jay Z’s freestyle below:

Woman Creates Petition To Get Beyoncé And Jay Z To Comb Their Daughter Blue Ivy’s Hair


A New York woman has created a petition against musicians Jay Z and Beyoncé for what she says is not taking good care of their daughter, Blue Ivy’s hair. The alleged creator of the online petition on Change.org has been identified as Jasmine Toliver.

On the petition page which has been entitled ‘Comb Her Hair’, Toliver claims that Blue Ivy has developed ‘lint balls’ and ‘matted dreadlocks’ in her hair due to improper care.

She wrote on the petition page: “As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyoncé has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair.”

Since the creation the petition has garnered over 3,000 signatures and despite criticism its creator apparently took to her Facebook page to defend herself, downplaying it as a ‘joke’.

Toliver wrote: “My joke took off anything I guess with ‘sign a petition’ is funny. If I would’ve said ‘sign a petition to save Lebron James hairline’ that would’ve took off (too)! It’s a clever joke! Nobody came up with before.”

She continued. “My hair (looks) like blue ivy right now except its moisturized and detangled.”

“Yes I’m natural! Have a seat to most people. I can care less about Beyoncé or (Jay Z) but I do care for the kids hair. People make nothing out of something. I love being black! I’m proud my bloodline runs from Africa. I’m proud of my own tightly coiled kinks. I’m proud of my big lips and brown skin. People just need to (breathe) and chill out.”

Several natural hair experts have been less then entertained to Toliver’s ‘joke’ of an explanation. Stylist and owner of Hair Rules salon Anthony Dicket said: “That’s insane to think that her hair, as a child – a toddler – is supposed to fit into a standard of beauty, that’s acceptable for who? That’s the big question. Who cares? We’re talking about a child here, and we’re going to now implement a standard of beauty for children?”

“She’s a child with natural hair — what texture other than natural would you expect a child to be?”

Dickey added: “I think she’s a pretty little girl. She doesn’t have naturally straight hair, she has natural curly hair, and it has the right and free will to go in any direction that it chooses, and to think it should do anything else – you would be suggesting a standard of beauty that is supposed to be imposed on a toddler, and that’s insane.”

The petition appears to have started after photos emerged online of the two – year – old’s hair looking a little wild whilst she was in the Hamptons with her parents over the weekend.


Beyoncé Sacks General Manager?


According to reports, Beyoncé is believed to have sacked her general manager, Live Nation Executive Faisal Durrani.

The Daily Mirror reports the singer has decided to become her own boss with the help of husband and rapper Jay Z although he doesn’t hold an official professional position as part of her career.

Durrani is one of numerous managers that Beyoncé has dismissed over the years, including her father Mathew Knowles, whom she sacked in 2011 after he managed the star for 21 years.

Beyoncé became the president of Parkwood Entertainment; an entertainment and management company that she had set up in 2008.

An insider told the Daily Mirror: “Jay has been heavily involved in Beyoncé’s career for years, and was instrumental in organising the Mrs Carter Show World Tour. But he isn’t officially regarded as her manager – she really is independent.”

The insider continued that the couple, who wed in 2008 and have a two – year – old daughter Blue Ivy, want to start putting family life first.

The insider added: “Now the couple have Blue, she wants to make sure her family come first at all times, especially as there’s talk of them adding to the brood.

“The best way to do that is to make sure all managerial decisions are made by her and her husband – together.”

A representative for the Drunk In Love hitmaker insisted Jay Z isn’t “involved in her management”, stating that she has been in control herself for four years.

They explained, saying: ”Beyoncé has managed herself since 2010 under her company Parkwood Entertainment.

”Faisal Durrani worked for her as general manager for a very short time. Jay Z is not involved in her management.”


Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna Join Wonder’s Florida Boycott Following George Zimmerman Verdict

Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna

According to reports, some of the music industry’s biggest artists have joined Stevie Wonder in boycotting Florida over the state’s controversial ‘stand your ground’ law.

The acts that have started joining Wonder include Justin Timberlake, Usher, Rod Stewart and Madonna, as a source close to the legendary musician revealed to American Urban Radio Network’s April Ryan.

Rappers Jay Z, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Wale and Trey Songz have also signed on to the boycott threat as well as pop acts including R. Kelly, Rihanna and Alicia Keys.

After a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of a second – degree murder charges restricting from the death of Trayvon Martin, Wonder announced his intentional boycott the day after it was announced and hit the headlines worldwide through countless media outlets.

The singer said: “I decided today that until the ‘stand your ground’ law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again. As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.

“For those that we have lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world — we can’t bring them back.”

He continued: “[What] we can do is we can let our voices be heard. And we can vote in our various countries throughout the world for change and equality for everybody. That’s what I know we can do.”

Several musicians have also gestured their support for Martin: Beyonce held a moment of silence during a concert in Nashville, Tennessee and sang the song I Will Always Love You, originally written and sung by Dolly Parton and bought to a global audience by the late Whitney Houston. The singer also met Martin’s parents during a rally in New York City along with husband Jay Z. Bruce Springsteen also dedicated a song to ‘justice for Trayvon Martin’ during a concert in Limerick, Ireland.

The ‘stand your ground’ self-defence laws in Florida and two dozen other states allow individuals to defend themselves without requiring them to attempt to avoid or retreat from a dangerous situation. Even though Zimmerman did not specifically employ a “stand your ground” law defence to fight second-degree murder charges in the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the trial has brought a changed scrutiny to the statutes.

According to Ryan’s report, some of the recording artists have already cancelled shows in the Sunshine State.

Jay-Z To Become Jay Z After Dropping The Hyphen From His Famous Moniker

Budweiser Made In America Festival Benefiting The United Way - Day 1

It is not the first time he has dropped the hyphen from his famous moniker, but Jay−Z wants to make it official as he reveals that he prefers the Jay and the Z to stand alone as proud.

After almost two decades in the music industry, the rapper seems to want a change and has sent a missive through his record label Roc Nation to several publications warning them that he is removing the hyphen between the Jay and the Z of his stage name.

The artwork for his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail proves the rapper’s desire to have the hyphen removed as his name is imprinted as Jay Z and it’s certainly presented in the metadata for the album’s iTunes version.

According to Billboard editor Joe Levy, the 99 Problems hit maker made his wishes explicit as he tweeted o his Twitter page: “Breaking: Jay Z has dropped the hyphen from his name, according to his label. I am not kidding. (Wish I was.)”

Levy followers were quick to point out that the rapper – whose real name is Shawn Carter – has tried to change his moniker in the past.

The Billboard editor said: “He dropped it a while ago [but] … no one seems to have noticed. Seems change was made on [Watch the Throne]. Didn’t take, though. The hyphen is strong.”

And it appears after further investigation, Jay – Z has been Jay Z for more than we have noticed. In some materials for 2009’s The Blueprint 3, and in the liner notes of Watch The Throne, his collaborative 2011 with Kanye West, his pseudonym has been presented as Jay Z. he is also unpunctuated in the title of his website. Nonetheless, the hyphen was still there on Blueprint 3’s cover, the front of Jay’s recent book, and the artwork for Watch the Throne’s lead single, H.A.M.

Beyonce ‘Scrapped New Album And Started Again,’ According To Producer Diplo

Beyonce 2

Beyonce has apparently scrapped her new album has decided to start from the beginning, according to producer Diplo, who has been working with the singer on the excitedly anticipated LP.

Diplo said that his suggestions “haven’t made the final cut”, as the record were negated, as the singer is allegedly working on a new collection of songs for her forthcoming album.

The producer told newspaper The Sun: “I just did two songs for her new album, well, I tried. I think she scrapped the record.”

He continued: “The record was supposed to be done and they have been hitting me up for brand new ideas.

“I like to work from scratch, [but] sometimes I get called in to fix records.”

The producer revealed the plan that the singer is reworking on her album just days after Beyonce’s husband and rapper Jay-Z said that fans will be receiving a treat with the upcoming LP.

Jay-Z told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez: “Right now, Bey has 100,000 amazing songs, just playing ’em.”

When Angie grilled Hova on what the power couple get up to when they preview their tracks, he joked: “Yeah, [we] dance to it in our socks.”


Jay-Z Reveals Songs On New Album Are Inspired By Baby Daughter Blue Ivy

MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 - Show

Jay- Z is gearing up to release his forthcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail on July 4, exclusively through a new Samsung App. The rapper spoke about his personal experiences that have influenced the material on his new album.

Posting a teaser advert, the rapper talked about a single entitled Jay-Z Blue saying that it was undeniably inspired by daughter Blue Ivy Carter.Wife and singer Beyoncé gave birth to the couple’s first child on January 7 2012.

Talking to Rick Rubin in the album clip Jay-Z admits: “[She’s] something that we both created; we still marvel at her.”

In another clip he talks more about his daughter’s influence on another track entitled Heaven, which he says can be located in his daughter’s laughter. The rapper also described the feeling of his child going missing for just three minutes.

The 43-year-old revealed how difficult his childhood was which has left him with lasting doubt over his father credentials.

He explained: “My pop left when I was young, so he didn’t teach me how to be a man, nor how to raise child, or treat women. So, of course, my karma, the two things I need, I don’t have. And I have a daughter. It’s the paranoia of not being a great dad.”

Besides his influence from daughter Blue Ivy, Jay -Z’s album features several collaborations including
Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean and of course Beyoncé herself.

Beyonce And Jay – Z To Collaborate For His Album


Rapper Jay –Z and singer Beyonce Knowles are said to be reportedly to be recording a duet together for Jay’ new album which has been entitled Magna Carta Holy Grail.

It seems that the duet will be their first collaboration since 2003 when they both worked on a single entitled Bonnie & Clyde which appeared on Beyoncé’s debut album Dangerously In Love.

The track titled Part II (On The Run) features lyrics about the criticism their relationship received when they first revealed that they were a couple as UK tabloid newspaper The Sun has reported.

Lyrics in the single contain a deeper portrayal of what was being understood at the revelation of their relationship.

Lyrics in the song go as: “She fell in love with the bad guy, the bad guy. What you doing with them rap guys, them rap guys, they ain’t see potential in me girl, but you see it if it’s you and me against the world, then so be it.”

Jay-Z posted the words to the single on his new mobile application. The album will be released July 4, followed by a global release on all other platforms for July 7.



Beyonce Opens Up About Her Miscarriage For The First Time: ‘It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever been through’

Beyonce In HBO Documentary


Beyonce has opened up about her miscarriage for the first time. The singers husband Jay-Z referred to the heartbreaking loss in his single Glory, a track which he has recorded within days of Blue’s birth in January 2012.

The lyrics referring to the miscarriage include: “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you’d disappear/But nah baby you magic.”

But it’s the first time that the 31 – year – old has decided to address.

In her forthcoming HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, she says: “About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time.”

She recalls: “And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life. I picked out names.

“I envisioned what my child would look like.. I was feeling very maternal.”

It was in the early stages of her pregnancy that she had lost the baby.

She says: “I flew back to New York to get my check up – and no heartbeat.

“Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.”

The star then turned to music to get through the pain of losing her child.

Referring to the untitled song that she had wrote, she says: “I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life.

“And it was actually the first song I wrote for my album. And it was the best form of therapy for me, because it was the saddest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Talking about being pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy, she says: “Being pregnant was very much like falling in love.

A scan of their daughter Blue Ivy, who is now one – years - old

A scan of their daughter Blue Ivy, who is now one – years – old

“You are so open. You are so overjoyed. There’s no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you, so of course you want to scream it out and tell everyone.”


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