Will Smith Regrets Mega Blockbuster Movies

Will Smith

His name has always drawn to be a major attraction at the box office of any movie to certify hundreds of millions of dollars for production companies. Will Smith is the only actor till today, to have 10 consecutive films grossing over $150 million internationally.

But it appears, the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star says it isn’t about meaningless blockbusters anymore but rather the art of it all. Will shared his stance on the new outlook with E! News whilst in Cannes:

“I had so much success that I started to taste global blood and my focus shifted from my artistry to winning. I wanted to win and be the biggest movie star, and what happened was there was a lag—around Wild Wild West time—I found myself promoting something because I wanted to win versus promoting something because I believed in it.”

He continued, “That smoke and mirrors in marketing is over. People are going to know really quickly and globally whether a product keeps its promises. Back in the ’80s and ’90s you had a piece of crap movie you put a trailer with a lot of explosions and it was Wednesday before people knew your movie was s–t…But now what happens is 10 minutes into the movie, people are tweeting, ‘This is s–t. Go see Vin Diesel.’”

He added, “My career has been strictly being able to sell my products globally, and it’s now in the hand of fans. I have to be in tune with their needs and not trick them into going to see Wild Wild West.”

He joked, “It’s funny to go sit in a meeting in Hollywood now. It’s a new idea that we have to make good movies. ‘Hmm, I never thought of that.’”

Well, its always good to see an actor appreciate that art needs to be perfected with passion rather than hitting the statistics of the box office!




Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Pens Letter About Niece’s Death

It’s been a year since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in the bathtub of her townhouse in Atlanta, GA. while many of her family, friends and fans have said goodbye, other’s are questioning the cause of Bobbi Kristina’s death. But, Leolah Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, vowed to reveal the truth in a forthcoming memoir in an open letter she penned on Facebook as she stated that she knows what happened to her niece. 

Bobbi Kristina, was found face down in her bathtub within days of her mother’s three – year anniversary of her passing. The coroner’s report ruled her death an accidental drowning, citing heart disease and cocaine use as probable factors.

Following continued, intensive care, Bobbi Kristina never regained consciousness and passed on July 26. The cause of her death as well as the involvement of long – time boyfriend Nick Gordon’s part in the matter. 

The penned letter Leolah thanked family and fans for their continued support. Labelling Bobbi Kristina’s death as a murder, she stated the book will answer all the questions raised since the investigation started, saying it, “Will tell it all. The whole truth.”

“With all that has happened, I am sure everyone has questions and concerns regarding Whitney and Bobbi Kriss’s death and murder. AND I DON’T BLAME YOU. If it be the “WILL” of The Almighty God, MY BOOK WILL ANSWER “every” single question that has come up in your minds concerning what REALLY happened and took place with my sister and niece.”

Leolah isn’t the only one to know the actual cause of Bobbi Kristina’s death. Authorities reportedly know the cause of death, but have withheld the release of the information dram the public. 

New evidence has surfaced concerning a woman who impersonated a nurse at the hospice Bobbi Kristina died. The woman had been arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud. However, since the pending investigation, Gordon was hit with a $40 million wrongful death suit by Bobbi Kristina’s estate, claiming he served her a lethal cocktail and put her face down in the bathtub.

It is unclear whether Leolah is referring to this evidence, or had findings of her own. Her letter does not include the release date of her memoir but assures to tell the story from beginning to end. Read Leolah’s Facebook post below:

“Hi FB Fam!

Peace be unto you all. I pray that each and every one of you are in excellent health and spirits today! 

I am here today to THANK YOU ALL once again for your continued support of me fighting for my sister Whitney & niece Bobbi Kristina. I know that Whitney and Krissi would also thank you ALL if they were here! Therefore, on their behalf, I sincerely appreciate, admire and respect you all for all of your continued support and kind words! 

Furthermore, I would humbly ask, when you hear something in the media that is negative about me, do not be fooled and take it as the one and only gospel and immediately think it is true, while making the mistake of judging me wrongfully. For it is no secret nor unusual that they are going to “try” to make me look as bad as they possibly can, simply because they indeed know that the truth is with me. 

I Thank God Almighty that I have the peace He gave to me. Which is, never worrying or allowing their evil doings to prevent me from sleeping well every night. Indeed, that is something that is difficult to do when a person knows that they are not speaking truth. However, that is not what is going on with Leolah. 

I am and will always be at peace with whatever I say out of my mouth, simply because I know that I will never speak anything other than the truth…inspite of their schemes and conspiracy to cover it up. The only ones who are ill effected are the ones who are guilty regardless of how it may seem, look or appear to anyone. Yes, always listen, yet keep quiet and remain humble when it comes to me because everyone is in for a great surprise! This Book will tell it all! The whole truth and nothing but (so help me God)!

With all that has happened, I am sure everyone has questions and concerns regarding Whitney and Bobbi Kriss’s death and murder. AND I DON’T BLAME YOU. If it be the “WILL” of The Almighty God, MY BOOK WILL ANSWER “every” single question that has come up in your minds concerning what REALLY happened and took place with my sister and niece. All of the why’s and the why not’s will also be answered as well. From the very beginning to the very end. I promise you will have it asap (if it is the will of God)! And after you read it, you will have to ask no more!

Please be patient and look forward to “ALL THE TRUTH” coming from Leolah’s mouth..

Thank you guys so very much for being such kind & great supportive and wise human beings. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! 



Mariah Carey Wants ‘Humble’ Wedding 

Mariah Carey says she doesn’t want to have an extravagant wedding and hopes for something “beautiful but humble.” 

The E! News reports, the singer recently got engaged to billionaire James Packer after a whirlwind romance. It will be the third marriage for both of them, and as Carey insists, they want to keep the ceremony and celebrations simple.

Carey expressed her thoughts about the wedding, “We are not doing a big wedding because he did two big weddings, and it’s kind of like, ‘I’ve done a big wedding too. We would rather make it beautiful but humble.”

The 45-year-old singer was previously married to music executive Tommy Mottola and America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, the father of her four-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

And James has also been married twice before, to Jodhi Meares and Erica Baxter, the mother of his three children. 

Vanessa Hudgens’ Father Passes Away Of Cancer, She Will Perform Grease: Live ‘In his honor’ 


Vanessa Hudgens performance on Grease: Live has taken on a personal meaning for the actress, following the news of her father, Greg Hudgens, passing from cancer. 

The 27 – year – old posted on her Twitter page on Sunday morning: “I am so sad to say that last night my daddy, Greg passed away from stage 4 cancer,” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone who kept him in your prayers.” 

She added: “Tonight, I do the show in his honor.” 

The High School Musical star opened up about her father’s illness in an emotional acceptance speech last August during the 2015 Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show.

“Last year, my boyfriend Austin lost his mum Lori to cancer, and my dad had just recently diagnosed with stage four cancer,” Vanessa said. “Let me tell you, I hate cancer. I hate cancer with every cell of my being.”

Vanessa made her heartbreaking news, hours before Fox’s Grease: Live musical special. The program airs at 7pm ET. 

R.I.P Rapper Chinx Shot And Killed In NYC

Rapper Chinx was shot and killed in Queens, New York in the early morning of Sunday as he dropped a friend at the Briarwood subway station.

Authorities say the rapper, whose real name is Lionel Pickens, was driving on Queens Boulevard around 4am when his car – a Porsche Panamera – was shot several times, striking Chinx. Seven bullet holes were pierced on the driver’s side of the car.

The friend had stepped into the station when he heard gunshots and tires screeching. When he ran back out, he saw Chinx’s Porsche and another car driving in another direction.

The 31-year-old was taken to Jamaica Hospital where he later died.

Photos taken at the crime scene show the Porsche parked outside a Dunkin’ Donuts. An employee, Bibekanada Das told the New York Daily News: “The police came and they opened up the door. All you could see was the guy laid out in the seat.”

Hours earlier, Chinx performed at Club Red Wolf, according to his Twitter page.

It is unclear who is responsible for Chinx’s death.

In a 2012 interview with hip-hop magazine XXL’s website, Chinx describe the music he wanted to give to his fans: “Solely to make music that people can relate to in their everyday lives. Sometimes my songs might remind you of a time that made you sad, sometimes it’ll motivate you to wanna get money, sometimes you might wanna dance, but either way you can equate my music to what emotions you’re going through at that present time. I’m definitely trying to leave my mark with the type of music that made you feel good at one point or another.”

He went on to say how he was going  to change the game: “I’ll change the game by being myself and perfecting my craft. I say so because in every “real” individual there’s a real story so if you’re dedicated to what you do enough it will show and eventually the game will gravitate towards you and everything you stand for.”

American Idol Gets The Axe After 15 Seasons


After 15 seasons American Idol will be cancelled; the show which launched the careers of Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. FOX announced the news in a statement, saying:

“A season-long celebratory event, American Idol XV will feature host Ryan Seacrest and judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., as they search for the final Idol superstar and pay tribute to the past 14 seasons of amazingly talented contestants and the millions of fans who tweeted, texted and championed their Idols.”

Speculations started to begin of whether Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson will be returning to the judging panel for one last time. FOX’s chairman Dana Waldon said they would ‘welcome any of them back.’

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. will return as judges along with Ryan Seacrest as host.

The talent show will begin its final season in January 2016.

Cissy Houston Gives Update On Granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Condition

Hard to bear: Cissy Houston has given a heartbreaking update on her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina's condition, revealing 'She's the same, she's not progressing at all'

Cissy Houston has spoken on her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition who is still fighting for her life in a medical centre since she was found more than three months ago, unconscious in her home. Bobbi Kristina was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub on January 31.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight on Saturday, Cissy said: “She’s the same, she’s not progressing at all. She’s not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I’m ready for her…I have nothing to do with that. That’s His job. It’s His territory, you know? And I understand it.”

She continued: “We go to the hospital every day and pray. And, you know, I talk to [Bobbi Kristina] because she can still hear, and I rub her hand and whatnot.My daughter-in-law and my son, we do what we can do. The rest is, we can’t do anything about because that’s all up to Him. We know nothing about his plan.

“She’s not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I’m ready for her… I have nothing to do with that. That’s His job. It’s His territory, you know? And I understand it.”

Faith:  Cissy (pictured in June 2012) said on Saturday that 'She's not gone yet, but... whatever the Lord decides, I'm ready for her'

Cissy Houston and Bobbi Kristina pictured in June 2012

While Bobby Kristina has been taken out of a medically induced coma, she remains unresponsive. Family sources have indicated she has irreversible brain damage.

A video surfaced last month of Bobby Brown telling an audience at one of his concerts, that his daughter ‘was awake’ prompting excitement on social media outlets. His wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, later affirmed her husband was ‘in an emotional’ state when he announced the news.

Alicia explained: “She has made it out of ICU, opened her eyes, and started a rehabilitation that will be long and hard.”

Bobby Kristina’s lawyer stated at the time “there has been improvement” but is “presently embarking on a rehabilitation process and the quality of her life will not be known for years to come.”

Zayn Malik To Make First Public Appearance Since Quitting One Direction

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is reportedly set to make his first solo public appearance since leaving One Direction at The British Asian Awards in London on Friday (April 17).

Speculations are that the singer is even up for an gong, with friend and music producer Naughty Boy joining him at the event after winning an award last year.

Mila Kunis, Shah Rukh Khan and Gok Wan are expected to be in attendance at the ceremony, which will take place at The Grosvenor Hotel.

The ex-One Direction bandmate is one of the British Asian Trust ambassadors. The awards ceremony highlights achievements within the Asian community.

The remaining members of One Direction – Liam Payne, Harry Styles,  Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan – recently released their first photo as a quartet, and have begun writing new material for a new album.

“My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined. But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I’d like to apologize to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart. I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight. I know I have four friends for life in Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall. I know they will continue to be the best band in the world,” Malik said in an official statement on his departure from the band.

Sarah Harding Set To Join The Cast Of Coronation Street


Former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding is set to join the cobbles of Coronation Street.

The 33 – year – old will be making a guest appearance on the ITV soap this summer as a new ‘feisty character’ who will cause trouble for Corrie’s resident Tracy Barlow, played by Kate Ford.

Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Sarah is proving to be a gifted and exciting actor and I’m absolutely delighted to have her on board.

“The viewers are in for a treat as her character will be right at the heart of a massive new story for the Barlows.”

Speaking of the role, Sarah said: “I am extremely excited to be joining Coronation Street. As a fan of the show it is a huge honour for me to join the cast. I can’t wait to get started!!”

While details of Sarah’s character are being kept under wraps, the singer-turned-actress will begin filming in May and will appear in four episodes over the summer.

Sarah’s acting credits also include roles in St. Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold, Bad Day, appearing opposite Dominic Cooper in BBC’s film drama Freefall and playing one of Danny Dyer’s wives in Ray Cooney’s comedy Run For Your Wife.

Lily James Hits Back At Criticism Over Her Weight

Lily James Cinderella premiere

Her tiny waist in Walt Disney Pictures’ Cinderella has become much of a controversy and Lily James is hitting back at criticism over the topic. In a HuffPost Live interview, the actress was asked, “Did you think that it was going to cause this much of a to-do?”

The British actress replied, “Of course not. On one hand, it’s upsetting. On the other hand, it’s just boring. Why do women always get pointed at for their bodies? And why is this whole thing happening that I’m constantly having to justify myself? International Women’s Day has just gone, and it just feels just a bit sad that it’s still happening. And, you know, I’m very healthy and I always have been.”

The iconic dress that Cinderella wears to the ball was designed by Sandy Powell. James explained about the dress saying, “It goes in at the waist and the skirt is big and full so that it accentuates the shape. I felt like a princess wearing it. Corsets are always hard to wear—they just are. That’s what they are.”

James added,  “Obviously I haven’t been under such a limelight before, but I really have been lucky because I’ve always had a very healthy attitude towards my body, so that’s why in a way it’s confusing me, because I don’t feel like [it’s an issue]…and it’s a costume! Yeah. That’s all I can say about that.”

Richard Madden, who plays Prince Charming, defended James’ saying,”I can vouch for Lily on this. That’s her real waist. I held it. I know how tiny it was. And she did eat. She eats like a boy!” he joked.

Speaking to E! News last week, the actress said she wanted to be a positive role model, “For girls growing up, sometimes I think they get the wrong idea for what women should look like. And I think it’s so important to be healthy and confident and natural. And not put too much stress on trying to be thin—I don’t get the thin, thin thing at all.”

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