Kourtney Kardashian Explains Why She’s Keeping Bruce Jenner’s Transition From Her Son

Kourtney Kardashian has confessed she’s struggling to find a way to tell her children – especially her eldest son, Mason – about Bruce Jenner’s transition.

In episode About Bruce: Part two of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, one scene shows Kourtney and Scott Disick talking to Khloe Kardashian about their decision to keep the news from Mason, for the time being.

“Don’t talk too much about it in front of Mason,” Kourtney says.

Khloe pointed out that it would be best for Mason to hear it from his parents, as Kourtney responded that she is waiting for the right moment to tell him.

Kourtney explained: “I think we are waiting to see what Bruce does before we tell Mason. I definitely don’t want him to find out through someone at school or something like that. I want him to find out through us.”

Kourtney then discussed the way she wants to raise her children: “I think it’s just such a great lesson to, you know, teach him not to judge people. It’s a great life lesson that, you know, I think I have to make it the most positive that I can.”

Scott agreed with his long-term girlfriend, saying: “Kourtney and I have definitely talked about how we’re gonna explain this to Mason,” he reveals. “And it’s only a positive for my son and my daughter to know all these different things that go on in this world. You can do whatever you want, as long as you become happy with yourself, and that’s all that really matters.”

Kourtney posted a screenshot of the commercial for About Bruce with the caption: “Tonight we share a part of the journey we have been on in hopes of helping others in similar situations, or simply to help make the world a less judgmental place. We are all God’s creatures and we all have a story. Let’s work together to be kind. #family.”

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