Justin Bieber Admits: ‘ I Was Getting Cockier And Cockier’


Justin Bieber is owning up to his bad behaviour after admitting that his bad behaviour was getting out of control. But fans have had a hard time believing whether the singer has been genuine with his apologies.

Back in January, the pop star released a video telling fans: “I’m not who I was pretending to be.”

He was then seen to make an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show in February and said he had done “a lot of things over the past few years that I’m not proud of.”

Some examples of his behaviour include abandoning his pet monkey in Germany, throwing eggs at his neighbours, drag racing a Lamborghini while under the influence in Miami which he was arrested for (the charges were later dropped) and urinating in a bucket while swearing at a picture of former President Clinton in New York.

The Boyfriend hitmaker admitted to his behaviour in an interview with Seventeen Magazine a month after he was ripped apart by comedians in a Comedy Central Roast over his mischievous behaviour.

“I was rebelling a little bit,” he explained. “I was getting cockier and cockier. I didn’t have people to check me. I looked back and I was disappointed in myself.”

He told Seventeen: “You have to own up to the mistakes. You have to say, ‘I’m sorry if I’ve let you down’. I always want to be honest, and let people know that those mistakes aren’t who I am. Who I am is someone who really cares about people.”

Bieber also confessed to letting social media reactions affect his self esteem.

“For a while, I was busy looking at my Instagram likes, and if a post didn’t get a certain amount, I was like, ‘Aw, they didn’t like the photo,’” said Bieber.

He added:“But there’s always a choice. You can let Instagram or stuff on the internet affect your day, or you can choose to not be bothered by it.”

Now these days, he says he chooses “not to be bothered’ by social media.

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