Bruce Jenner Sued For Malibu Car Crash

Is this Bruce Jenner’s new career?

Photo credit: Rex Features

Bruce Jenner was hailed as a ‘hero’ by his children, his ex-wives and fans after publicly revealing he is transitioning into a woman. However, it appears that the former Olympian is not highly regarded after the stepchildren of Kim Howe – the woman who died the February car crash Jenner was involved in – have labelled him ‘negligent, careless and reckless’ in  lawsuit filed against him.

Howe’s stepchildren are seeking substantial damages from Jenner, claiming they suffered ‘great losses’ due to his actions. They have accused Jenner of causing the four-car pile-up that killed Howe to have ‘violated the rules of the road.’

On February 7, Jenner’s SUV hit Howe’s car; the collision causing Howe’s car to be pushed into oncoming traffic. Eight others were also injured, leaving Jenner to be unharmed.

TMZ reports a video of the rash obtained by law enforcement shows Jenner not paying attention at the time he hit Howe’s vehicle. Despite Howe’s stepchildren claiming in the lawsuit that Jenner was speeding at the time of the crash, it’s been reported that was was travelling at 38mph when the accident occurred.

According to reports, Jenner has cooperated with police in regards to the accident, and has not been charged with any crimes. TMZ have stated the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is unlikely  to pay Howe’s stepchildren any damages they have claimed. Howe’s friends have told the site that Howe had ‘virtually no relationship’.

Jenner has not issued a statement regarding the lawsuit.

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