Sick Teenager Hana Hwang Makes A Heartbreaking Video Tribute For Her Hero Selena Gomez

Hana makes a heartbreaking video tribute and a bracelet for the star and herself

Sick teenager Hana Hwang faces a daily battle from progeria. The rare genetic disease causes children to age prematurely, leaving children and teenagers like Hana may never grow up to fulfill their dreams.

But for Hana she never gave up and had one ambition and it was to meet her hero singer Selena Gomez.

The 13 – year – old was stunned when her wish came true after Selena was contacted by Ryan Seacrest. Upon hearing about her young fan, the singer visited Hana at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA).

After meeting Selena, Hana thanked her by making a touching video and a bracelet. The footage which is shot in her hospital bed shows Hana making bead bracelets for the singer and herself.

The bracelet for Hana shows to be a third of the size of Selena’s a heartbreaking reminder of the teenager’s upsetting diagnosis when she shows them to the camera.

When asked what Selena meant to her she said: “she’s my hero, because she’s a singer, she’s also an actress and she has been on both TV shows and movies.”

Her favourite track by the singer is Spotlight. Whilst treatment sessions the sick teenager also listens to Who Says for strength. She then revealed she wrote all the lyrics of every song sung by Selena into her diary.

On Hana’s work station a frame is placed of a picture of herself and Selena as she is sat in her hospital bed, making the bracelets.

Hana is sat in her hospital bed making a bracelet for herself and Selena

Hana described her feeling as being ‘shocked’ when Selena walked through the door and was afraid to cry and would ‘look like a baby’ as she said: “when she came in I was shocked.”

And the singer hadn’t forgotten her either. Selena posted a picture of Hana and her on her Twitter page captioning it with: “This is my #iwontgiveup photo. Hana is so beautiful and one of the most incredible people I’ve met. Love you.”

Since the video was posted on YouTube, Hana has become cybernetic celebrity in her own right with the video clocking up to 2.2 million views already since it being posted on Thursday last week.

Selena posted this picture on her Twitter page for her fan Hana Hwang


Selena Gomez visited Hana in hospital in LA back in December after Ryan Seacrest put them in contact

Watch the video below of Hana Hwang making a touching video message for Selena Gomez.



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