What A Striking Resemblance: Meet Angelina Jolie’s Lookalike

A video which surfaced on YouTube two years ago has taken the internet by storm after a lookalike of Angelina Jolie may show that the Hollywood actress to have some competition on her hands. Lina Sands who is from Spain has a striking resemblance to Jolie and could be easily mistaken for the Tomb Raider star.

What seems to be an interview, she introduces herself saying:  “Hi, my name is Lina Sands and I look like Angelina Jolie. I would like to work as an Angelina Jolie look alike.”


Removing her clips to have her locks fall down


Being recorded by the interviewer, the Spanish lookalike reveals she would love to get some work as Jolie’s duplicate and has been working hard moving to the UK eight years ago and studying acting in the last three years.

She then goes on to pose from an angle to show even more of a likeness to Jolie. With plump lips and and full-bodied brown locks Sands could easily be mistaken for the award – winning actress when she gets asked to remove her clips from her hair and let it fall down.

The 5’8 model doesn’t unveil her age as being compared to Jolie and guesses the star to be 33 – years –old at the youngest.

After showing her beautiful locks she jokingly said if her career as Jolie’s impersonator doesn’t go plan she’ll revert to plan B: “I’ve got a lot of hair! I can sell it and be rich.”

After watching the video some have even commented that Sands looks a better version of Jolie.

She has joined to work with Susan Scott, an agency that has over 8000 lookalikes of famous and infamous people, living and dead. Some impersonators including Kate Middleton and Prince William and popstars such as Rihanna, Madonna and Victoria Beckham .


Angelina Jolie may have some competition to compete with


Can you spot the difference? Watch the video below.



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