Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Dating Marilyn Manson, Losing Out To Kirsten Dunst, Falling In Love With British Men And Working With George Clooney

Evan Rachel Wood landed her first role when she was just 14-years-old appearing in the teen drama film Thirteen playing an intelligent adolescent falling on the wrong path of self-destruction.

From there the actress started getting contacted by directors to appear in their films but says she’s particular to which ones she wants to act in as she says: “It blew open the doors. I didn’t have to audition any more.

“Now I’m a snob when I’m choosing films.”

Since then she has gone on acting in some of Hollywood’s blockbusters including The Wrestler playing Mickey Rourke’s alienated daughter and Mildred Pierce where she appears alongside Kate Winslet as her self-obsessed daughter.

Opening up about dating 42-year-old musician Marilyn Ronson  on and off for four years, she knew people would disapprove, knowing that they would develop an opinion of them but the actress explains they were a normal couple.

“That’s because we look so different, but if you’d hung out with us you’d have thought we were pretty normal. People look at Marilyn and they form an opinion, but we did normal things – I cooked dinner.

“I’m always going to love him – we were engaged, but we were both ready to move on. Marilyn gave me permission to be myself. He said, ‘You’re so young, you’re really smart – explore that, have fun.”

If anything Evan loves British men as she finds them to be ‘charming and well mannered’. She spoke of her blissful romance with actor Jaime Bell, living in Potters Bar and feeling comfortable in England.

“There’s something about British men that I love. They’re very charming and well mannered. Jamie and I lived together in Potters Bar. I feel comfortable in England. All my friends say to me, ‘What is it with you and British people?’ Every time I go on a date he’s British. I don’t have rules about dating guys or girls – I’m open, as I’ve always been attracted to both sexes.”

The movie industry isn’t always the business that is straight-forward as not everyone makes their cut. At just the tender age of five, Evan explains that losing a part to Kirsten Dunst she learned how to deal with rejection.

“When I was five I auditioned for Neil Jordan’s Interview With The Vampire with Tom Cruise. I lost out to Kirsten Dunst; I was heartbroken. But that’s when I learned how to deal with disappointment. It made me stronger and I never got upset like that again.”

In her latest role in the political thriller The Idle Of March, directed by George Clooney, she describes the actor and director as ‘ridiculously generous’ and easy to get along with.

“He’s ridiculously generous. I wasn’t intimidated, because he’s so easy to work with and such fun. He took us to see big bands, musicians who’d played with Ella Fitzgerald and Rosemary Clooney (his aunt). And when my dad came to visit the set he took us all out for dinner.”


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